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About us

Who we are

Community Healthcare Initiative is a registered non-governmental organization founded 2014 in Liberia. CHI
prime mandate is to strengthen and promote healthcare, social services, women’s Rights; child rights especially girls
including persons living with disability  and sexual minorities in Liberia.

Our Story

Community Health Care Initiative Liberia INC is a non-profit organization located in Mamba Kaba District , Kpan’s Town, Lower Margibi County, Liberia. Its Founder/Executive Director Naomi Tulay-Solanke a registered nurse with BSc in Nursing established the Organization in 2014. She obtained a Master in Public Health with emphasis in Community Health and Associate Degree in Peace and Conflict Resolutions with 6 years of non-profit development and health consulting experiences. The Organization offers several healthcare and social services to the underprivileged and the most vulnerable in the markets-hard-to-reach communities and among slum dwellers and plan to expand by providing food and clothing.

Community HealthCare Initiative also plan on improving and promoting the quality of healthcare services to better women and abused children by providing behavioral change messages, preventive care and advocacy. The Organization hopes to fund these programs through grants and other donated revenue.

CHI is managed by independent non-partisan indigenous professionals whom have been experiencing practically & technically on various fields of health care services, capacity buildings of humanitarian sectors and community development projects as they have had special trainings (TOTs) to the sectors of humanitarian interventions, Human rights, child protection and capacity building programs.

Our Objectives

  • To promote health care services for vulnerable women and children in the communities and create more awareness and sensitization on the prevention of diseases. Generating activities and create vocational skills for the youngsters, women, and children to become self-sufficient and reduce the level of poverty living.
  • To improve the rights of women focusing on the issues such as female genital mutilations FGM, early marriage, promoting save sex and other forms of discriminations against girls and women;
  • To promote Understanding, better relationship amongst the communities and attitude change for working together for peace and development in the society
  • To encourage the community for sustainable development and mobilize among them awareness on HIV/Aids;
  • To promote internal discussions among human rights activists on the work of media and journalists toward healthcare promotion;
  • To promote a human rights culture and peace in society by working towards awareness raising, mobilization, on attitude change and empowerment of the marginalized community, women, children, CBOs, and involved international NGOs and the government law enforcement institutions/agencies in order to protect the rights all persons (women and child rights especial focus)

Our Goals

  • mprove health care services for vulnerable women and children in the project counties.
  • Reduce child mortality in the country {MDG#4}
  • Create more awareness and sensitization on the prevention of diseases and promote life-changing massages.
  • To improve mothers health and knowledge on health issues about their children.
  • To ensure that human rights of all persons are secure of in their enjoyment of their goods and freedoms that are necessary in dignified living.


Working in togetherness for socio-economic development in communities through strengthening their capacity and the implementation of the programs as well as health and protection interventions with participatory approach at all levels of the community to defeat poverty, and promote healthcare throughout Liberia.


Access to Healthcare, freedom and dignity to everyone regardless race, ethnicity and sex, free of violence and human rights abuses.

Our Propose

As an indigenous health care professional on humanitarian sectors and capacity buildings, Mrs. Solanke felt that there is an argent need to intervene in the health sector of Liberia; and she has the ability to access the grass roots and act as a bridge between the suffering, desperate local communities and International organizations, well-wishers and charities that are willing to help the Liberian people. This was the philosophy behind the establishment of CHI Liberia..